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Suriname, the worlds most forested country, has joined the KW Family! With multiple off-shore oil discoveries, we are guaranteed to have a booming real estate industry and with KWW in our corner, we have the right partners to guide us to develop this market full of potential. 

Chantyn Raghoebarsingh; wife, mother, business owner and now the newest owner and regional operating principal for KW Suriname. Her resume boasts expertise in both commercial construction and accounting. Not to mention, being part of the biggest allotment project Suriname has known, Palm Village. 

With multiple offshore oil discoveries, the local real-estate market is expected to rapidly expand. In preparation, Chantyn came across the Keller Williams brand, and with her win-win mindset it was a match made in heaven. 

As a company owner herself, she has always believed in human capital and bringing out the best in every single team member. The fact fact that Keller Williams enables every region and it’s team to make a profit, all while continuously re-investing in each individual is a prime example of “you CAN have your cake and eat it too”. 

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