KWW Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get involved?

It’s easy. Simply share the Keller Williams story with the real estate professionals you meet. Anyone interested in learning more, connect them with the KW Worldwide team at We’ll handle everything else.

What is the process for opening a KW franchise in another country?

The process starts by going to  Under Select a Region to Start Exploring the World, click on the country you are interested in to find out if we are currently operating there,  are receiving inquiries or are not currently expanding in the area.  

If we are not yet in the country, you may click the button to complete the Request Franchise Information form.  As soon as we receive the completed inquiry form, our development team will follow up and may schedule an exploratory phone call. If we determine that there’s a mutually beneficial opportunity, we initiate the Career Visioning process and invite candidates to Franchise Systems Orientation (FSO) in Austin. When candidates return home, we assist them in preparing a detailed business model for launching in a specific country or region.

Next steps include developing the fee structure, completing the formal application, and due diligence. If everything progresses to a win-win opportunity, candidates will sign a Letter of Intent and a Master License Agreement. With the Master License Agreement in place, KW Worldwide shifts its attention to working with the new regions to customize our systems, training, technology and marketing materials. The development-to-launch period generally takes 4-12 months, depending on the candidate’s schedule.

What are the capital requirements?

KW Worldwide is committed to succeeding in a variety of markets. To ensure that we are strongly positioned for long-term growth, capital requirements vary based on specific countries or regions.

How do I benefit from finding a candidate for KW Worldwide?

Every KW recruit you sponsor contributes directly to your passive-income stream through your Profit Share and Growth Share tree.

What type of person are you looking for in a Master Franchisee?

We are looking for respected industry leaders who live and work in the proposed country or region. We want to partner with entrepreneurs with the experience, resources, and drive to build a sustainable and dynamic real estate company. Successful candidates will believe passionately in KW’s systems, culture, and training. They will see the “big picture” and be eager to adapt the KW model to a promising new international market.

Are you looking exclusively for Master Franchisees?

No. While Master Franchisees are critical players for launching a new market, KW Worldwide offers many leadership opportunities, including regional leaders, operating principals, and team leaders.

Does my contact have to be a real estate agent or broker?

No. We want to partner with exceptional leaders who will help us to succeed together. We’re looking for strong business leaders with extensive knowledge of local real estate markets. They do not have to be an agent or broker.

I lived in another country for many years and am interested in opening a Master Franchise. What do I need to do to get started?

Connect with someone in the country who fits our profile of a Master Franchisee and introduce them to KW. Then go to our website, and click on the country of interest.  Complete and submit the Request Franchise Information form.   If you need further assistance, please email

My family lives overseas. I have contacts I would like to reach out to. What should I do?

Contact your family and friends and share the KW story. Send prospective candidates our marketing materials and encourage them to go to and complete the Request Franchise Information form for the country of interest.  If you need further assistance, please email

Which countries are you targeting?

Our goal is to pursue the right leaders and the right opportunities no matter where they are on the map.