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Keller Williams Welcomes the Dubai Region

Building on their success growing Keller Williams real estate offices in the United States and South Africa, a group of business leaders has announced plans to open a new Keller Williams region based in Dubai. The venture is being led by a team that includes Operating Principal Werner Burger and CEO Zhann Jochinke.

“We’re excited to bring the proven models and systems of Keller Williams to real estate agents and clients in Dubai,” Burger said. “Keller Williams is the real estate industry’s leader in training and technology and Dubai is one of the fastest-growing, most dynamic real estate markets in the world. In many ways, the Middle East is still in the startup phase when it comes to selling real estate. Keller Williams, with its agent-centric principles, will revolutionize the market, just as it has in the United States and Canada.”

KW Dubai Press Release Here

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